Used Equipment

(2) USED (2013) 2-BOX FESTOONERS (can be sold separately) includes the following features:

  • Material widths: 60mm - 200mm
  • Maximum machine speed: 130 MPM (NOTE: Actual line speed is dependent upon customer's material)
  • Box size: 1000mm W X 1200mm L X 1150mm high
  • Full box weight: 350 kgs
  • Adjustable speed controls for traverse, material feed and box drop rate (common for both webs)
  • Allen Bradley PLC - HMI - Drives and Modem for remote troubleshooting
  • Requires minimum 100 PSI air supply
  • Anti static bar to eliminate static electricity
  • (2) Pneumatically actuated nip stations (one for each web)
  • (2) Stainless Steel Non-Air Festooner Chutes for 70mm material
  • Material counter for length
  • Servo motor driven traverse mechanism
  • Boxes to be loaded and unloaded from the front (Can be modified)
  • Customer to supply roller conveyors up to festooner (if desired)
  • Customer to supply a roll away ladder for access to top of equipment (if required)
  • Tubular Steel Frame (Painted White)


  • Operator to load empty boxes into festooner and initiate box lift cycle to bring box into run position. Once in position, the operator may start the festooning process. The material chute will throw the material front to back. An Allen-Bradley servo unit controls the box travel side to side. Both boxes must be running the same width material as they are using a common traverse drive. When the operator changes the width of the material, they must also change the material chute so the web is controlled while processing.
  • As the material folds into the box, tampers will flatten the material as it reverses direction. Once the box is full, the machine will stop and alarm the operator. At that point, the box must be pushed by the operator onto a customer supplied roller conveyor so the box may be taken away. Another option would be to use a fork lift to remove the full box.


  • (2) Aluminum entrance idler rolls
  • Web run out sensor
  • Nip station
  • Edge guide system
  • (3) 2200 watt Ultrasonic Systems w/ (3) 9" horns
  • (25) Narrow gauge slitter capsules (Mounted on dovetails for adjustability)
  • (25) Narrow gauge slitting anvils
  • (25) Regulators for individual capsule pressure control
  • Individual slitter actuation valves (manual)
  • Slitters may be adjusted for various slit widths across the 24" web
  • Narrowest slit width: 5/8"
  • Maximum line speed: 50 FPM: (Note: Line speed is machine capacity only. Actual slitting speed is material dependent)
  • No-Slit detector shuts line down if slit(s) are not present
  • Pre-determined counter


  • Maximum roll diameter: 12"
  • Core diameter: 1.5"
  • Pneumatic leaf shafts that allow stacking multiple cores on the same shaft (Note: cores must have the same inside diameter)
  • Dual position rewind allows the staggering of take-up rolls eliminating interweaving between packages
  • Dancer controlled tension

Made in the USA