Spoolers & Blockers


spoolerFor Traverse Winding Web, Tape, Ribbon, Film, Foil, Braid, Cord, etc.


  • ½ H.P. D.C. drive, 110 volt with foot control
  • Variable speed with dynamic braking
  • Traverse length and lay easily adjusted with hand knobs
  • Measuring unit in yards and tenths


  • Single or multiple packages
  • Predetermined counter
  • Interchangeable spindles
  • Traverse width - minimum 3" - maximum 12"


Vertical Blocker

vertical blockerFeatures:

  • ½ H.P. D.C. motor with dynamic braking
  • Variable speed with panel and foot pedal control
  • Interchangeable pilot for various core sizes
  • Simple lever action to remove block


  • Predetermined counter
  • Let off stand for rewind
  • Air cylinder on tailstock


Made in the USA