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Design Engineering

Engineers and designers with diverse experience comprise Chase's engineering department. Our team is skilled in continuous web applications, including web tension controls and drives; ultrasonic embossing, slitting and bonding; web striping, coating and drying; and material inspection. 
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Manufacturing & Installation

Chase Machine's experienced manufacturing team has been the key to our growth. We are committed to producing quality work and continuing our company's success, as well as the success of our customers.
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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers and technicians with divers experience comprise Chase’s electrical engineering department.  From stand-alone drives and controls, to fully integrated and automated computerized systems incorporating the latest drive, PLC and operator interface technology, all system designs and manufacturing are produced in-house to ensure confidentiality and quality control.
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Materials Applications Lab

We understand the importance of having a private, confidential environment that enables companies to test products without stopping production machines.  Chase Machine can help you test materials and assembly methods to ensure final product quality.
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After Market Support

On-site training, installation and setup, spare parts, annual maintenance contracts, remote phone and web support is another example of the quality service Chase offers after the sale to minimize down time and keep you up and running.
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Repair & Rebuild

We understand that the decision to invest in capital equipment is not an easy one.  Chase equipment is built to last and we want customers to think of us when they are considering newer, faster, and more efficient and more reliable production equipment.
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