Manufacturing – Part of a National Trend

A recent Providence Business News report says that manufacturing in the U.S. is expanding at its fastest pace in more than two years. That’s what we’re seeing in the equipment manufacturing industry, too.

A theme that’s emerged over the past several years has undoubtedly been a desire to make sure that the products that we use here in the USA are made here, too. Manufacturing in China may be less expensive, but buying US-made products is a better choice for two main reasons:

  1. Our safety, quality and service standards mean that you’re getting a better product, a better value for your money, and service and support when you need it.
  2. You’re helping boost the local economy by making sure your money goes towards American wages.

This is the case for all American products, but never more so than for our machines. And we know others feel this way, too. In a time when one might think that saving on costs and buying from overseas would be a more common financial choice for many companies, we’re instead finding growth at every corner for our American-made machines.

This is because people recognize these two truths: that safety and quality of service counts, and that buying from an American company – as the PBN reported this week – is good for the economy, and good for the whole country. Because of this, we’re going to keep buying American, selling American, and hiring American; we hope you will, too!