Insourcing Is What We Do

The political, business, and labor communities all talk about the perils of shipping jobs overseas. This happens when businesses use labor or services from outside the country to lower expenses. Outsourcing may save on some costs, but this means losing the high quality that comes with American products and services.

The manufacturing industry is no different. At Chase, we believe our machines are of a higher quality, and the international market agrees. That’s why companies in China, India, and New Zealand have all reached out to us for business.

Our experience with “insourcing” began in part with a Chinese company that had been buying their machines from a manufacturer in Germany. But like many in this industry, they couldn’t get quality service and support for their machines. Once they realized they could rely on Chase not only for quality machines, but also quality service and support, Chase became their machine manufacturer of choice.

Chase has also had an exceptional relationship with businesses in New Zealand who, through international trade show appearances, discovered Chase and were intrigued by our variety of custom equipment designs utilizing ultrasonic technology.  . After coming to Rhode Island to test out some prototypes in our material applications lab, they remarked continually that Chase offered,  “so much more than [they] expected to get.” After trying with numerous manufacturers all over the world, they told us that they would never buy from anybody but Chase because they trusted the quality of our work.

These arrangements are not only good for our business, but good for international business relationships, and for our reputation abroad as a nation with a high quality manufacturing industry. We hope to see other Rhode Island companies replicate this success in other industries as well.