Insourcing Is What We Do

The political, business, and labor communities all talk about the perils of shipping jobs overseas. This happens when businesses use labor or services from outside the country to lower expenses. Outsourcing may save on some costs, but this means losing the high quality that comes with American products and services.

The manufacturing industry is no different. At Chase, we believe our machines are of a higher quality, and the international market agrees. That’s why companies in China, India, and New Zealand have all reached out to us for business.

Our experience with “insourcing” began in part with a Chinese company that had been buying their machines from a manufacturer in Germany. But like many in this industry, they couldn’t get quality service and support for their machines. Once they realized they could rely on Chase not only for quality machines, but also quality service and support, Chase became their machine manufacturer of choice.

Chase has also had an exceptional relationship with businesses in New Zealand who, through international trade show appearances, discovered Chase and were intrigued by our variety of custom equipment designs utilizing ultrasonic technology.  . After coming to Rhode Island to test out some prototypes in our material applications lab, they remarked continually that Chase offered,  “so much more than [they] expected to get.” After trying with numerous manufacturers all over the world, they told us that they would never buy from anybody but Chase because they trusted the quality of our work.

These arrangements are not only good for our business, but good for international business relationships, and for our reputation abroad as a nation with a high quality manufacturing industry. We hope to see other Rhode Island companies replicate this success in other industries as well.


Why We Love Rhode Island

Exciting things are happening here; it’s time to get positive about the Ocean State

It seems that every story about Rhode Island these days talks about the Ocean State’s decline, the struggling economy, or corruption at every corner.  And we won’t deny that times are tough. But all that means is that better days are ahead, and we’ve been noticing quite a few things to be positive about lately. We at Chase Machine know there’s no other state we would rather do business in.

For nearly 60 years, Chase Machine has operated in Rhode Island and seen our business flourish. Rhode Islanders have always been resourceful, and the support we have gotten from our fellow citizens over the years has helped us know that there’s no better place to do business.

The recent “It’s All In Our Backyard” campaign from the Rhode Island Foundation sums up how we feel about this great state. This campaign has highlighted some important innovation happening in various sectors of the Rhode Island economy. Our state has so much potential in so many industries, including manufacturing, that we’re feeling bullish about Rhode Island’s future.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we hope Rhode Islanders will take stock of all the great things about the state they live in. We know we’ll be thankful for the state that has helped us innovate and succeed for the past 60 years. Stay positive!

Staying on the Cutting Edge of Manufacturing

Innovative manufacturing practices at Chase and elsewhere in RI are vital to our state and national economy

Chase has always prided itself on being a leader in Rhode Island’s manufacturing industry. Our products sell across state lines and around the world, and help put Rhode Island on the map. But new innovation in this sector is always a good idea; so in this month’s post, we’re focusing on some fresh ideas that could be applied here in Rhode Island, and some that already are!

One exciting project is the new regional manufacturing cluster, the plans of which will be completed next year. This advanced industry design center, which will be planned with $100,000 grant secured from the U.S. Commerce Department. Marcel Valois, the executive director of the RI Economic Development Corporation, agreed with the huge potential this hub would create. “We have not written off manufacturing,” said Valois, “We think it has tremendous growth potential, but it is going to look different than it has.” This advanced manufacturing cluster will surely bring about more innovation in what remains one of our state’s (and country’s) most important industries.

Manufacturers are also looking for new ways to collaborate with the academic community on innovative projects. A recent Providence Business News article shined light on the RI Manufacturers Renaissance Project, which has utilized student researchers at Bryant, URI, and other colleges to help create a database of the state’s manufacturers to improve efficiency within the sector. Other students are researching new manufacturing techniques on a smaller scale for individual firms.

These types of collaborations are critical to making sure Rhode Island stays on the cutting edge of manufacturing in New England and beyond. At Chase, we will always pursue worthwhile and innovative opportunities that will help us continue to manufacture the highest quality machines in the area.

Manufacturing – Part of a National Trend

A recent Providence Business News report says that manufacturing in the U.S. is expanding at its fastest pace in more than two years. That’s what we’re seeing in the equipment manufacturing industry, too.

A theme that’s emerged over the past several years has undoubtedly been a desire to make sure that the products that we use here in the USA are made here, too. Manufacturing in China may be less expensive, but buying US-made products is a better choice for two main reasons:

  1. Our safety, quality and service standards mean that you’re getting a better product, a better value for your money, and service and support when you need it.
  2. You’re helping boost the local economy by making sure your money goes towards American wages.

This is the case for all American products, but never more so than for our machines. And we know others feel this way, too. In a time when one might think that saving on costs and buying from overseas would be a more common financial choice for many companies, we’re instead finding growth at every corner for our American-made machines.

This is because people recognize these two truths: that safety and quality of service counts, and that buying from an American company – as the PBN reported this week – is good for the economy, and good for the whole country. Because of this, we’re going to keep buying American, selling American, and hiring American; we hope you will, too!

Re-shoring Manufacturing in Rhode Island

We hear so often of some of America’s best-known products being outsourced to China or other countries for their assembly and manufacturing. This can certainly be the less expensive  option for many companies, but is it the best option? Does it produce the highest quality product possible? We don’t think so, which is why all our machines and parts are made right here in America.

In fact, Chase Machine, instead of outsourcing our manufacturing to China or any other country for that matter, is making machines for Chinese businesses (along with American ones, of course) instead of the other way around! By keeping our engineering know-how and hard work ethic here in America, we can export our products and our innovation to other countries. We know as well as anyone the high value a “made in the USA” sticker has on products here in the U.S. Why shouldn’t that sticker have value on products we sell around the world, too?

The international community trusts that American products will be of high quality. By putting our products out there in on the international stage, we can showcase the time, effort, and craftsmanship that goes into each one of our machines. We’re excited to see what the future will bring, and what new markets we can open up for Rhode Island.

Chase Machine Hires Jim Weeden As New Sales Executive


Jim Weeden

Jim Weeden, Sales Executive for Chase Machine & Engineering

Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc., a custom machinery design and manufacturing company based in West Warwick, Rhode Island, has hired Jim Weeden as a Sales Executive. “Jim’s extensive experience in the nonwovens and textile product markets make him an invaluable addition to our team,” said Guy Gil, National Sales Manager for Chase Machine. “His professional experience, extensive skills and core accomplishments made him a clear choice to help move our business forward.”

Jim Weeden’s recent experience includes Sales and Marketing Executive positions at BMT Commodity Corporation, Brouckaert Industrial Textiles, and Northeastern Nonwovens. Jim also established a new high density needlepunched felt company to service the metal processing industry. “Jim’s ambition and highly professional attitude are key qualities we were looking for in a Sales Executive,” Gil says. “He’s the right person for the job, and we’re very excited to have him on board.”

Chase has cited Jim’s problem-solving ability and his expansive network and diverse knowledge of nonwoven and textile industry related markets as primary reasons for his hire, among other important skills and accomplishments that make him a perfect fit for Chase.