Why We Love Rhode Island

Exciting things are happening here; it’s time to get positive about the Ocean State

It seems that every story about Rhode Island these days talks about the Ocean State’s decline, the struggling economy, or corruption at every corner.  And we won’t deny that times are tough. But all that means is that better days are ahead, and we’ve been noticing quite a few things to be positive about lately. We at Chase Machine know there’s no other state we would rather do business in.

For nearly 60 years, Chase Machine has operated in Rhode Island and seen our business flourish. Rhode Islanders have always been resourceful, and the support we have gotten from our fellow citizens over the years has helped us know that there’s no better place to do business.

The recent “It’s All In Our Backyard” campaign from the Rhode Island Foundation sums up how we feel about this great state. This campaign has highlighted some important innovation happening in various sectors of the Rhode Island economy. Our state has so much potential in so many industries, including manufacturing, that we’re feeling bullish about Rhode Island’s future.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we hope Rhode Islanders will take stock of all the great things about the state they live in. We know we’ll be thankful for the state that has helped us innovate and succeed for the past 60 years. Stay positive!

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