Staying on the Cutting Edge of Manufacturing

Innovative manufacturing practices at Chase and elsewhere in RI are vital to our state and national economy

Chase has always prided itself on being a leader in Rhode Island’s manufacturing industry. Our products sell across state lines and around the world, and help put Rhode Island on the map. But new innovation in this sector is always a good idea; so in this month’s post, we’re focusing on some fresh ideas that could be applied here in Rhode Island, and some that already are!

One exciting project is the new regional manufacturing cluster, the plans of which will be completed next year. This advanced industry design center, which will be planned with $100,000 grant secured from the U.S. Commerce Department. Marcel Valois, the executive director of the RI Economic Development Corporation, agreed with the huge potential this hub would create. “We have not written off manufacturing,” said Valois, “We think it has tremendous growth potential, but it is going to look different than it has.” This advanced manufacturing cluster will surely bring about more innovation in what remains one of our state’s (and country’s) most important industries.

Manufacturers are also looking for new ways to collaborate with the academic community on innovative projects. A recent Providence Business News article shined light on the RI Manufacturers Renaissance Project, which has utilized student researchers at Bryant, URI, and other colleges to help create a database of the state’s manufacturers to improve efficiency within the sector. Other students are researching new manufacturing techniques on a smaller scale for individual firms.

These types of collaborations are critical to making sure Rhode Island stays on the cutting edge of manufacturing in New England and beyond. At Chase, we will always pursue worthwhile and innovative opportunities that will help us continue to manufacture the highest quality machines in the area.

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