Try It, Before You Build It

Prove the concept you plan to bring to market

Since the machines you use for your products often require a substantial investment, you don’t want to buy blindly. With the kind of expense it takes to build custom machines, you want to begin to determine what you may receive in return.

Our Material Applications Lab provides a responsible solution to this dilemma, and is one way we demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. For a fraction of the cost of new production equipment, our experienced staff will assist you in ‘proving a concept’ or developing product samples for benchmark testing and market research.

Our Engineering staff then designs the equipment to meet that need. Customers have access to ultrasonic bonders, laminators, slitters and rotary drum embossing machines, as well as impulse and hot air sealing equipment to test materials, assembly and processing methods. Working together with the customer, Chase will deliver production equipment that is newer, faster, more efficient and more reliable for a timely return on your investment. Lab time may be reserved by the hour, day or week.

We care so much about quality because we believe the way your product is made says a great deal about the products themselves. These are your products, fitted with your design standards and practices; why should the equipment that manufactures them be any different?

By giving you a hand in the process, Chase not only makes sure our creations meet your approval in terms of quality and efficiency, but it allows you to add another personal mark to your products. Our Material Applications Lab can help you do that, by making sure you’re directly involved in the full life cycle of your products.

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