Optimism is Important in manufacturing today

At a time of cautious optimism about economic recovery, the mood of manufacturing at Chase Machine & Engineering is one of hope and enthusiasm.  As a custom machine builder, we certainly have concerns about the rising cost of doing business, the strength of our customers and vendors, and our ability to attract and retain talented people.   Yet despite these concerns, we still have never been more optimistic about the future of manufacturing in the 54-year history of our company.

Now more than ever, a positive attitude matters.   At Chase Machine, we offer quality machinery and service in a timely manner.  A customer’s time is as valuable as ours, so we make efficient use of it when we evaluate their needs and propose a solution.  We continue to invest in our company – our staff, the research and design of new equipment, and improvements to existing products – by developing processes that are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.    While we are focused on increasing domestic sales, technology has made it easier to do business worldwide.  For Chase Machine, “Made In The USA” means something again. It is for this, and many other reasons, that Chase Machine is hopeful about the future of our business and of our customers.

Recovering from a recession and choosing to make an investment in capital equipment is never easy.  Ever mindful of capital equipment costs and access to financing, our challenge is convincing customers that buying solely on price or shorter delivery is almost always a mistake, and from our customer’s experience, a very painful one.

But we see, time and again, that our customers choose quality. They make the right choice, even if it’s a difficult one to make in this economic environment. This is why we are optimistic about our future, and the future of our customers.

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