Chase Machine and Quality Control

At Chase Machine, we believe strongly that quality counts in more ways than one.

Over the last few years we’ve had far too many opportunities to salvage poorly made equipment. The truth is that when a decision is based solely on price, everyone loses – the customer, the vendor, and the consumer.  Introducing a new product to the marketplace gets delayed for years, straining relationships between the customer and the unqualified vendor, as well as co-workers. Ultimately, the loss to the customer and vendor is immeasurable.

If you choose to grow your business and make the investment in new equipment or technology, make an informed choice by working with an established, reputable company.  Understanding that quality products and sustained service/support come at a cost is critical to making a smart investment.  In this business more than any other, you truly do get what you pay for; the build takes time because suppliers are not investing or maintaining inventory like they used to.  Our equipment is built to last, and we will be here for decades more to service and support it.

Our customers tell us that quality and service really do matter. That’s because at Chase Machine, exceptional customer service has never gone out of style!

For more information on any of Chase Machine & Engineering’s products and services, please visit our website at  You’ll find a convenient checklist for Finding the Right Custom Machinery Builder along with additional information on Buying on Price, our Material Applications Lab, the Ultrasonic Pocket Filter Machine and more.

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