Choosing the Right Fabrication Company

A challenge we see every day for many organizations is finding the right equipment design and fabrication company.  There are a number of considerations that factor into this decision, and we’d like to help make that decision a little bit easier.

When assessing a design and fabrication company, we believe it’s important to expect a lot. For example, you should expect expertise. The company you choose should have solid referrals, deep experience, and a wide range of proficiencies. You should also expect quality control. Will your custom machinery firm build your machines in-house, making it easier to maintain quality? And finally, expect flexibility. Your custom machinery firm should be prepared to provide samples of work and variations on projects as necessary.

Pricing is an unavoidable factor for anyone looking to make such a large investment in their manufacturing capacity. While we at Chase are confident in the competitiveness of our own pricing structure, we strongly believe that the cheapest option is not always the best.

After decades in the business, we’ve come to appreciate companies that strive for quality, and we try to do the same. “Buying on price” – making the lowest price your only consideration – is simply not a viable strategy in this business, especially not with such a large-scale critical investment.

For our part, Chase Machine has over five decades of web handling expertise for applications encompassing the nonwovens, textile, geotextile, extrusion, filtration, converting, paper/film and medical industries, combined with our flexibility in the design process have resulted in new and innovative solutions to complex manufacturing requirements.

Our experience is primarily in continuous fiber or web applications from .005” to 130” wide and thicknesses from .0004” to ¼”.  From start to finish, all designs and manufacturing are produced in-house to ensure confidentiality and quality control. With Chase Machine, what you see is what you get. And we think you’ll like what you see.