Filtration Equipment

Extended Pocket Filter Machine

extended pocket filter machineBenefits:

  • Number and widths of pockets is adjustable
  • No consumables - no thread, needles or glue necessary
  • Speeds of up to 60 feet per minute
  • Variable interleaf widths
  • Razor slitting of filter mouth to accommodate frame assembly
  • Heat splicing to facilitate roll to roll changeover


Ultrasonically Welded Bag Pocket Filter

welded bag pocket filterBenefits:

  • Use of ultrasonics eliminates the need for consumables
  • Equipment may be modified to accommodate a variety of products
  • Manufactures Hermetically Sealed Pocket Filters
  • Fully-programmable Pocket Length, Width and Throat Depth
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Interleaf splicing
  • Now Produces Fully Finished Pockets - No Second Operation Required


Canister Filter Machine

canister filterBenefits:

  • Bonds several layers of woven or non-woven materials with elite ultrasonic or vibratory technology
  • InkJet or wax marking system
  • Tension controlled unwind
  • Scrap rewind
  • Output varies upon technology used
  • Cuts and seals filter edges in one operation
  • In-line accumulator available



Made in the USA