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Engineers and designers with diverse experience comprise Chase's engineering department. Our team is skilled in continuous web applications, including web tension controls and drives; ultrasonic embossing, slitting and bonding; web striping, coating and drying; and material inspection.  We develop a wide range of equipment to facilitate continuous manufacturing processes, such as rubber warpers, packers, accumulators and spoolers.

The machines that we design and produce often include extreme web-handling challenges. This may include webs with free spans of 100 inches in width, or precisely engineered coating and drying requirements. Complex machines may also include 200 or more individual webs of 0.020 diameter being wound onto one core under very tightly controlled tension. The environmental issues can also be extreme, such as web treatment processes that must take place in a vacuum or in low-moisture or high temperature atmospheres.

Our ability to overcome these challenges has resulted in our adopting the tag line, "Expect To Be Impressed." Through their long-term relationships and continued willingness to partner with us, our customers have shown that they are impressed.

When you bring Chase your web handling challenges, you can Expect To Be Impressed!

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