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10 Tips for Finding the Right Custom Machinery Firm

Finding the right equipment design and fabrication company can be a challenge. Use this simple checklist to choose the company that is best for you.

  1. Make sure the firm has both engineering and fabrication expertise. Not all engineers have experience in fabrication, and not all fabricators are engineers.
  2. Ask for recent references and check them. Request both customer and supplier references.
  3. Be sure your referral sources are "trusted sources" with the experience and knowledge to make the recommendation.
  4. Listen closely to how much information the firm is willing to share with you regarding their customers. Customer applications should be confidential; be wary of anyone who "talks out of school".
  5. If your application calls for a large machine, ask how much space the firm owns or leases. What is the largest piece of equipment the firm has ever manufactured?
  6. How much experience does the firm have? If your project specifications need modification, does the firm have the experience to offer alternate suggestions?
  7. Will your machine be built in-house or will there be a need to sub-contract part of the manufacturing? What impact will the sub-contracting have on quality control?
  8. Is the firm able to provide product samples for your review?
  9. Can they complete critical market studies? Can they assist in benchmark testing and pilot line development work to ensure that your products are superior in the marketplace?
  10. What are the firm's pricing practices? Remember, the best price does not guarantee the best product.
Since 1954, Chase Machine has designed, manufactured, and serviced custom web handling equipment for the biggest names in the filtration, non-wovens, textile, geotextile, and medical industries. You can depend on us for superior engineering practices, quality components, fair pricing, on-time delivery, and reliable after-deployment service and support.
Our goal is to make your production processes more efficient and cost-effective.

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